Los Angeles by (for.the.thrill.of.it)

“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.”

— Plato (via kushandwizdom)




Do you realize how complex this rhyme scheme was? It makes me want to cry.

Rolling brown skin i be/

Standing 5’10 i be/
Rocking it when i be/
in yo vicinity/
Raw style synergy/
Recognize symmetry/
Courts? try to injure me/
Broke em down chemically/
Ain’t the number 10 mc/
Talking bout how bent i be/
Started like Kennedy/
Late like a ten to three/
When i say when i be/
Girls say “Ven aqui”/
Cuz listing to my beat/
Girls like my style see/
Way out like Tennessee/

By far my fav post on tumblr.

no problem saying he top 3 emcee

Yasin Bey (Mos Def)

FCC Net Neutrality deadline extended to Friday



The FCC’s site has been so hammered by comments from people angry about its plans to enact Cable Company Fuckery that many haven’t been able to get through.

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